Addison Artist Council

Join Us in Launching a new era of Addison Firsts!

Since its founding in 1931, the Addison has exhibited and acquired contemporary art with a boldness and enthusiasm rare for a museum of its size, means, and unique location on the campus of a secondary school. Often the first museum in New England, if not the U.S., to introduce an artist’s work or mount a retrospective, the Addison’s storied history includes many “firsts” with exhibitions, acquisitions, or residencies by such highly regarded artists as Josef Albers, Ruth Asawa, Dawoud Bey, Sheila Hicks, Hans Hofmann, Andy Warhol, and Francesca Woodman.

The Addison Artist Council builds on this extraordinary tradition by providing an emerging and/or under-recognized artist their first ever solo show at a collecting museum, along with a publication, acquisition of art for the collection, and an artist’s residency on campus.

AAC membership is open to all who are passionate about art and want to support the Addison’s commitment to being at the vanguard of contemporary art. In return for your support, you will be invited to several special events held across the country throughout the year and will be able to vote on which artwork the museum acquires.

Please join us in this exciting new venture!

AAC Steering Committee

Liz Collins ‘86
Susan M. Cross ‘85
Andrea Feldman Falcione ‘83
Abigail Ross Goodman ‘94
Eric Gottesman ‘94
Timothy Griffin ‘88

Noah Hornik ‘15
Kanyi Maqubela ‘03
Nicholas Olney ‘94
Thor Shannon ‘09
Sarah Wendell Sherrill ‘04
Alexa Reid Smith ‘07

Addison Artist Council logo

Addison Artist Council Membership levels

Ambassadors: $50 and above
Partners: $500 and above
Sustainers: $1,778 and above
Founders: $10,000 and above

Ambassadors: For a gift of $50 and above, donors receive an invitation to multiple events around the country and a vote on the artwork to be acquired by the Addison. Open to alumni less than fifteen years since graduation, artists, and art workers.

Partners: For a gift of $500 and above, donors receive all of the above, plus the AAC exhibition publication and a private tour of the exhibition.

Sustainers: For a gift of $1,778 and above, donors receive all of the above, plus an invitation to the opening dinner.

Founders: For a gift of $10,000 and above, donors receive all of the above, plus participation in the final vote for the next year’s artist and acknowledgement in the AAC exhibition signage, promotional materials, and publication.