Edward E. Elson Artist-in-Residence Program

The Addison’s Artist-in-Residence Program

The Addison’s Edward E. Elson Artist-in-Residence program plays an important role in the museum’s exhibition and education programming. Every year, three to six artists are invited to campus to engage students and the community. Artists-in-residence may produce art on campus, exhibit in the galleries, give public talks, critique student work, use students as their subjects, and/or lead discussions with area public high schools as well as Phillips Academy. Residencies range in duration from several months, to a series of short visits, to a few days.

The Addison residency program began in 1946 with Charles Sheeler. It continued informally until 1982 when it was endowed through the generosity of Phillips Academy alumnus Edward E. Elson, class of 1952. The Edward E. Elson Artist-in-Residence program has energetically supported contemporary art by bringing established and emerging artists to campus to create and exhibit work as well as engage with students.

Participating artists have included Frank Stella, Robert Frank, Alison Saar, Joel Shapiro, Robert Hudson, Richard Shaw, Kerry James Marshall, Dawoud Bey, Glen Seator, Tony Feher, Jose Bedia, James Casebere, Anna Gaskell, Andrea Zittel, Jessica Stockholder, Lee Mingwei, Trisha Brown, Fred Wilson, Wendy Ewald, Jim Hodges, Sue Williams, Terry Winters, Alexis Rockman, Type A, William Wegman, Angela Lorenz, Tristan Perich, Lorna Bieber, James Prosek, Chris Daze Ellis, Lorna Simpson, Jennifer Caine and Rachel Hellmann, Laurie Simmons, Triple Candie, and Elaine Reichek and Jeanne Silverthorne.

In 1996, an artist's apartment designed by San Francisco artist David Ireland was constructed on campus to accommodate this growing program.