Class Visits to the Addison

The Addison’s individualized, inquiry-based tours for preschool through high school classes integrate visual education into a variety of curriculum areas, including history, social studies, science, language arts, math, and art. Through conversations and meetings with teachers, we co-organize and co-facilitate single and multi-visit programs and collaborate on multidisciplinary classroom projects designed to expand connections between the museum, the classroom, students’ lives, and the community.

Changing exhibitions provide rich resources for connecting to a wide variety of curriculum topics – for example, racism, the American landscape, modernist literature, abstraction – as well as broader social themes – such as, identity, land use ethics, artists and writers as reflectors of their time.

The Museum Learning Center provides the space and opportunity for the deepening and widening of these themes through the intentional selection of and intimate engagement with works from the Addison’s vast collection.

Arranging a Class Visit

Arranging a Class or Group Visit
1. Explore the current Addison exhibitions by attending a Teacher Program, visiting the galleries, and/or reading the Teacher Guides to determine which exhibition(s) is/are most relevant for your class or group.
2. Identify thematic connections to your class – and preview the Museum Learning Center portfolios for possible complements to exhibition topics.
3. Select several possible dates and times to bring your class/es (up to 55 students or 2 separate classes at a time) to the museum, Tuesdays-Fridays,9am-4pm.
4. AT LEAST TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE and preferably more, email Christine Jee at
Tours of one or more of the exhibitions generally range from 60-90 minutes. By previous arrangement, tours may include a related art or writing activity or may be complemented by discussion of corresponding works in the Museum Learning Center.

Preparing For a Class Visit to the Addison
• Correspond with Education Staff to deepen connections to your curriculum and brainstorm related classroom and community projects to extend your students’ learning. Projects can include classroom visits and assistance in disseminating students’ work through presentations, exhibitions, and publications.
• View documentation of previous Addison-related Projects to get ideas or connect your work with other classrooms.
• Discuss the visit with your class before you come. Suggestions for discussion questions can be found in the corresponding Teacher Guide. These packets also contain information about the exhibitions and artists, as well as curriculum connections and project ideas.
• Help your students become aware of the reason for the special code of conduct in museums developed to protect their unique art and architecture. Visitors are asked not to touch the walls, the artwork, or the stands for the artwork in order to protect the art and the visitors! The following are not allowed in the exhibition galleries or Museum Learning Center: food, drink, gum, pens, or backpacks.