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If an in-person visit is not possible at this time, there are variety of ways to stay connected to the Addison. Take a virtual tour, browse our collection, find creative projects for kids, and follow us on social media for updates, to learn about artists and the collection, ask us questions, and more. 


Head over to the Programs page for information about the current season's online events, and to access recordings of recent programs


In celebration of our 90th anniversary, the Addison Gallery of American Art invited Tamar Avishai, host of the award-winning podcast The Lonely Palette, to create Look with Your Ears: The Addison at 90, a limited series that thematically explores works in the Addison's collection. With episodes that focus on abstraction, the figure, and the urban sublime, Tamar looks at a selection of some of the most important and provocative objects in the Addison’s collection, and investigates what they mean to art history and to each other.

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Explore recent exhibitions:​

Spring/Summer 2021
Mel Kendrick: Seeing Things in Things
Spring/Summer/Fall 2021
Learning to Look: The Addison at 90
Fall 2020
Robert Frank: The Americans
Fall 2020
Wayfinding: Contemporary Artists, Critical Dialogues, and the Sidney​​ R. Knafel Map Collection
Fall 2020
To Make Visible​: Art and Activism, 1980–​2000
Fall 2020
Currents/Crosscurrents: American Art, 1850–​1950​
Fall 2020
An Incomplete History of Photography: 1860s to 1960s​

​Winter 2019–​20
A Wildness Distant from Ourselves: Art​ and Ecology in 19th-Century AmericaCome As You Are: American YouthMan Up! Visualizing Masculinity in 19th-Century America

​Additionally, digital portfolios​ of recent permanent collection exhibitions, including A Wildness Distant from OurselvesMan Up!, and Expanding the Narrative: Recent Acquisitions, and many more, are also available online.​​

​​​​Explore the Collection​

Almost all of the Addison's 23,000-object collection is digitized and available on our website. Search for a specific work, or browse by artist, exhibition​, theme, or time period.


​For many works, there is an option to zoom in for ​a more detailed view. Get an up-close look at Winslow Homer's brushstrokes in Eight Bells, the han​d-carved symbols on the gilded frame of Thomas E​akins's Professor Henry​ A. Rowland, the variety of colors that make up Maria Oakey Dewing's A​ Bed of Poppies, and more.​​

Resources for Families​​​ ​

Curating Kit​​
  • Curate an exhibition using some of the most-loved works from the Addison's collection! Based on the magnetic "My Addison Gallery" kits that are usually available in our Looking Together tote bags, the #AddisonAtHome Curating Kit includes a blank gallery and miniature works of art to cut out and arrange.​

  • Here is a fun take on the trending hashtag #MuseumFromHome: make your own mini museum using all of​ the art projects that your kids might be making right now. Think about how your ideas can be enhanced through labels – the bits of writing that accompany objects in a museum that typically give some factual information such as:

    Artist’s Name (year of birth)
    Title, Year the artwork was made

    You can also add a few sentences of interpretation that go beyond what viewer’s already see to increase their understanding of the object. 

  • Create a mini pop-up gallery: visit for directions.

  • Collections + Museums: Communicating Cultural Value: Teacher, Student, and Family Guide offers ideas for using your personal collections or toys in creative ways.

  • Take virtual tours of museums from around the world to explore works of all media and time periods up close. 


​See Addison staff discuss exhibitions, the collection, museum history, and more:

  • Aphrodite Désirée Navab: Landmines Of Memory:
    This video walk-through of Aphrodite Désirée Navab: Landmines Of Memory offers an up-close view of this unique presentation of 58 ink drawings. Created while Navab was an Addison Edward E. Elson Artist-in-Residence, the series is inspired by her brother, Alexander Navab, who graduated from Phillips Academy in 1983, and who passed away unexpectedly in 2019. Mining her Iranian, Greek, and American heritage, Navab combines in this series the Labyrinth from Greek mythology and the patience stone from Persian folklore to explore stories of exile and migration, rupture and suture, loss and survival. 
  • ​​Wayfinding: Contemporary Artists, Critical Dialogues, and the Sidney​​ R. Knafel Map Collection:
    Wayfinding presents new work by six artists—Sonny Assu​, Andrea Chung​, Liz Collins, Spencer Finch​, Josh T. Franco​, and Heidi Whitman​—made in response to a two-year engagement with Phillips Academy’s Sidney R. Knafel Map Collection​. Exhibition curators Allison Kemmerer and Stephanie Sparling Williams offer a video tour of Wayfinding, and the artists discuss their work exploring the ways in which American spaces have been imagined, claimed, measured, circumscribed, and contested.
  • ​​Looking Closely: A Harvest of Death (1863), a Civil War photograph:
    Curatorial Fellow Dr. Tessa Hite offers a close reading of Timothy O’S​​​ullivan’s A Harvest of Death, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1863 from Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the War, Volume I in the Addison's collection.​

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