Past Exhibitions

Dwight Tryon and American Tonalism

September 13, 2014 - January 11, 2015

This exhibition brings together seven landscape paintings from the 1880s by the American artist Dwight Tryon and sets them within the context of Tonalist works from the Addison’s collection by such artists as George Inness, John Twachtman, and Alvin Langdon Coburn. 

An American artistic style of the period 1880-1915, Tonalism followed the factual naturalism of the Hudson River School. Developed at the same time that American artists were influenced by French Barbizon and Impressionist painting, Tonalist works are characterized by subtle gradations of tone within a limited color scale, projecting personal expressions of mood through veiled depictions of light and atmosphere.

Tryon’s paintings, created near his home in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, display his intimate connection to the southeastern Massachusetts coastal region. The seven remarkable paintings in the exhibition, including three studies of New Bedford Harbor at different times of day, distinguish themselves as highly evocative of the artist’s personal relationship with nature and his response to a particular time and place.

Dwight Tryon and American Tonalism, curated by independent scholar Keith Kauppila, contributes to the growing scholarly interest in American Tonalism and gives Tryon’s work of the 1880s the closer look that it deserves.

Generous support for this exhibition has been provided by The Bernard and Louise Palitz Exhibitions Fund.