Past Exhibitions

In Tandem: Inspirations and Collaborations

September 1, 2015 - January 3, 2016

Exchanging ideas with mentors and peers—fellow students, friends, studio mates, travel companions, or collaborators—has always been a significant source of inspiration for artists. For some, who met in their youth, their encounter was formative, as was the case with Abbott Handerson Thayer and George de Forest Brush, who established a life-long friendship while studying at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. For others, who crossed paths later in life, it was transformative, as was the case with Maud Morgan, who began collaborating with Michael Silver at the age of 91. In the 20th century, as art academies and formal movements gradually lost momentum, forming associations with fellow artists became even more important in the development of their practice. Specifically, collaborative artists’ projects have emerged as a significant thread of contemporary art; portfolios such as Lee Friedlander and Jim Dine’s Photographs and Etchings embody the interpretive possibilities of pairing the sensibilities of two artists working in different media, yet exploring similar visual motifs. Regardless of the specific nature of these associations, the works in this exhibition are examined in the contextual framework of artistic inspiration, influence, and dialogue.

Generous support for this exhibition has been provided by the Winton Family Exhibition Fund.