Past Exhibitions

Exterior Spaces, Interior Places

September 2, 2014 - January 4, 2015

The Addison Gallery’s extensive permanent collection offers countless opportunities to create exhibitions that explore interesting connections and contrasts between artworks of various media and time periods. In this presentation from the collection, the objects—consisting of both well-known favorites and rarely-seen treasures—have been grouped into two overarching themes, the exterior and the interior. The interpretation of these themes is quite literal in the first two galleries, where wonderful nineteenth- and twentieth-century landscape vistas and equally engaging interior environments complement each other. In the other two galleries, the meaning of interior and exterior becomes more conceptual in nature, as contemporary works that delineate a known reality are contrasted with images from the imagination of the artist. As always, the purpose of these juxtapositions is to create intriguing dialogue between the rich visual resources of the Addison and to elicit new and unexpected ways of seeing and experiencing art.

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