Past Exhibitions

Clearstory Squares and Unitych Variations: Paintings by Christopher C. Cook

October 8, 2011 - January 8, 2012

In the fall of 1984 Christopher Cook returned to painting after a hiatus of nearly twenty years, during which he devoted himself to sculpture, film, and conceptual art. This reentry into painting resulted in a monumental multi-panel work, Clearstory Squares, which synthesized aspects of the artist’s earlier painting with issues raised in his conceptual work.

The exhibition at the Addison features the Clearstory paintings and is complemented by a selection of works ranging in date from the 1980s to the present that continue the artist’s fruitful exploration of the conceptual and formal elements first examined in this pivotal piece. The exhibition itself will take on several different physical configurations, as elements shift, move, and regroup within the galleries and throughout the museum during its presentation.