Past Exhibitions

Blink: Memories Contained

November 14, 2018 - March 10, 2019

Every second, we blink; every second, we lose a bit of the present. This exhibition focuses on the present we fail to see, the past we choose to remember, and the memories we begin to forget. 

Blink: Memories Contained features work by photographers who take advantage of the fleeting nature of their medium, reflecting on the objects and subjects of memory, history, and nostalgia. Throu​gh compositions both abstract and representational, these artists investigate the transient present and their attachments to the past. With modern social and cultural movements displaying increasing nostalgia for ages bygone, Blink offers a reminder that representations of the past are complex. Exploring objects as containers of memory, Blink questions the ability of mementos and memorabilia to accurately capture pasts as they existed. 

With each passing moment, we stray further from the one before; every second, we blink. 

This exhibition was curated by Phillips Academy students in Art 400, Visual Culture: Discovering the Addison Collection.​​​