I Am, Something Special About Me, and My Picture, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, New Orleans, LA

Students in Ms. Puri’s K-3 classes used the Class Pictures book to spark discussion of portraits and inspire ideas for their own photography and writing. Each classroom’s theme was inspired by the conversation that occurred as they were showing Director of Education Julie Bernson their portraits during her visit to the school in March. The project culminated in an online book featuring the students’ portraits and writing.

I Am, Third Grade

I AM Poem By Kimberly

I am the butterfly in the sky
I am the moon that shines so bright
I am the sun in the sky that shines so bright in the day
I am the owl that howls in the night
I am the person who makes people sing
I am the stars in the sky that shine bright
I am the reflection of your beautiful face
I am the love in the air that makes you give that beautiful stare
I am the plumber that plumbs summer
I am the leaves that fall in the fall
I am the flower that blossoms in spring
I am the snow that falls in winter
I am the caterpillar in a cocoon that is going to come out really soon
I am the princess in the town that will never take off her crown
I am the flamingo that is so pink that I will never sink
I am the cheetah that runs so fast
I am the girl who helps you sing that makes the boy’s mind go ‘RING’

I AM poem By Jacob

I am everything, everybody, and everywhere
I am magnificent and perfect
I am fun and playful
I am nice and caring
I am genius and the brains
I am over here and over there
I am also a friend!
I am king of kings!
I am the book of learning
I am the numbers of math
I am the cartoons of entertainment
I am the clouds of the sky
I am the water of fire
I am the words of the book
I am the paper of a notebook
I am the bark of a tree
I am the roof of a house
I am passengers on a train
I am the food on a plate
I am the people at a party
I am the cake at the celebration
I am music of the radio
I am the dim lights at the theater
I am the light of the dark
I am the good of the bad
I am diamond and the pearl
I am the clean of the dirty
I am the man of my word
I am the pop of popcorn
I am Superman’s strength
I am Spiderman’s web
I am Batman’s battiness
I am the wind of the sky
I am the blue and red that makes up purple
I am the mouse of the computer
I am the letters on the keyboard
I am Hulk’s green
I am the racetrack of the racecars
I am chocolate chip in the cookies
I am the icing on the cake
I am the whip cream on the strawberries
I am the lead of the pencil
I am the lawn mover that mows the lawn
I am the one who cuts pizza
I am the bird that sings
I am the finger of the hand
I am the ice of the Artic that’s melting
I am the cable of the TV
I am the one who will End pollution!

Something Special About Me, Second Grade

Something Special About Me by Todd

I like to play football
and other sports. I like to write. I love to eat cookies.
I love hot dogs too. I love my
cousin and my friends cause
they are nice to me.
I like to play video
games too.

Something Special About Me by Taya

Something special about me is my dad.
Something special about me is my mom.
Something special about me are my grandmothers.
Something special about me are my uncles.
Something special about me are my cousins.
Something special about me are my god brothers.
Something special about me are my friends.

Something Special About Me, Second Grade

I had different hair. And Ms. Puri took this picture because I love math. And I loved to do all kinds of things in math that I love. And I love money and clock because you get to learn with the time and your learn coins. I also like to draw and do all kinds of art and I also like to read because its fun and you do fun things about that book. I also like to go to museums and the art museums because you can learn many things about those things. And also art is fun you can draw things in art. And I like the color purple. And my favorite food is veggies and fruits. My favorite clothes are dresses and my birthday is January 5th. My favorite planet is earth and my favorite show is Disney channel and nick. I like horses and my favorite number is 3. My favorite month is January. And my favorite sport is soccer and I like Saturday. My name is Ally. My favorite dog is a white dog. My favorite class is math, and my favorite state is Georgia. And I read every day. I love wonderlands because it is beautiful. I love my family and friends. I love my teachers. And I am seven years old. My favorite animal is cheetahs.