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Museum Store Sunday 2019

On December 1, the Sunday following Thanksgiving, the Museum Shop at the Addison Gallery​ will join more than 1,200 museum stores for Museum Store Sunday​​. Holiday ​shoppers ​will ​not ​only ​be ​able ​to ​find ​quality ​gifts ​filled ​with ​inspiration and ​educational ​value ​but, ​through ​their ​purchases, ​will ​support the missions and programs of ​museums ​and ​cultural institutions. 

The Museum Shop at the Addison will offer a 25% discount on all in-store purchases ​​​for Museum Store Sunday. From books to jewelry to children’s products and home accessories, there is something for everyone!  ​​

Museum Store Sunday is managed by the Museum Store Association based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, in partnership with the United Kingdom’s Association for Cultural Enterprises, and the Museum Shops Association of Australia and New Zealand. Participation in Museum Store Sunday is open to all independently operated museum stores and non-profit retailers located at museums, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, historic sites, and other unique cultural institutions in the United States and internationally.​​​​​​