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Jennifer Caine and Rachel Hellmann, Fall 2015 Edward E. Elson Artists-in-Residence

Jennifer Caine and Rachel Hellmann, current Edward E. Elson Artists-in-Residence, began working in the Artist’s Studio last spring on Words in Air, a new site-specific installation that will remain on view at the Addison through January 17, 2016.

Blending a chorus of poetic voices into a single visual response, the artists have transcribed a selection of poems by 20th century American female poets in an invented shorthand of simplified marks, which have been cut into painted and sewn paper panels. Suspended from the gallery ceiling to the floor, the panels create a porous container of light and color resembling a human-scale artist's book, that subtly changes throughout the day in response to ever-shifting light and movement of visitors within the space.

Caine and Hellmann continued their residency throughout the summer to complete and install Words in Air, and returned in September to meet with students from Phillips Academy and other Massachusetts schools. More visits with students are planned for this December.

To commemorate their installation, Caine and Hellmann will also design and produce a limited-edition artist's book, which will feature the poems that are captured in their installation, accompanied by original imagery that further explores the themes and visual language of Words in Air.

The full list of poems quoted in Words in Air is available here.



Above: Caine and Hellmann at work in the Artist's Studio, June 2015.

Above: Phillips Academy poetry students had an opportunity to explore Words in Air and talk with the artists.

Above: The artists talk with a Phillips Academy Women's Studies class (top), and with a Phillips Academy Studio Art class (bottom). 



Caine and Hellmann discuss Words in Air: