Past Exhibitions

Artist’s Project: Tristan Perich

Open through March 27, 2011

Serving as an Edward E. Elson Artist-in-Residence, composer, musician, and visual artist Tristan Perich (PA 2000) has created a multimedia installation to inaugurate the Museum Learning Center, the centerpiece of the Addison’s new Sidney R. Knafel Wing. Inspired by the aesthetics of math and physics, Perich works with simple forms and complex systems to create both his music and art. Best known for acoustic and electronic musical compositions that explore the physicality of sound and the polyphonic potential of 1-bit audio, his works for solo instruments, ensemble, and orchestra have been performed throughout the world. As a visual artist he works primarily with handmade machines to create delicately executed pen-on-paper drawings that explore the limits of traditional drawing through randomness and order.

Both the exhibition and residency have been funded by the Edward. E. Elson Artist-in-Residence Fund.