Past Exhibitions

Fractured Narratives: Works by Lorna Bieber

October 8, 2011 - January 8, 2012

For the past thirty years, Lorna Bieber has used found images and stock photographs as the raw material for her art. In creating her large-scale photographs and wall-sized montages, Bieber begins with ordinary pictures and illustrations found in books and magazines. These appropriated images are then re-interpreted through a range of manipulations that includes photocopying, enlarging, reducing, cropping, collaging, enhancing, and ultimately re-photographing. Likening her photography to alchemy, the artist has described her process: “By altering the ‘root picture’ in these ways, I can create new branches whose narratives are utterly different from the original, bringing the observer to see the world in dramatically unexpected ways.”

Born out of the world of photographic reproduction and comprised of pictures of pictures, Bieber’s photo murals and montages are far removed from the natural world they depict. Her work, while identified as photography, moves beyond the representational quality of the medium as its many manifestations transform “reality” into something else—vestiges of imagery caught within mysterious and dream-like worlds.

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