Museum Learning Center


The Museum Learning Center (MLC), at the heart of the Addison’s Sidney R. Knafel Wing designed by Centerbrook Architects, is a multi-purpose space designed to foster myriad ways of learning in and through the museum and its collection of more than 18,000 objects. The MLC provides unprecedented access to the Addison’s paintings, sculpture, photographs, drawings, prints, and decorative arts while it reinforces the Addison’s educational mission to support teaching and learning through visual education.

Students, teachers, scholars, and the public, are invited to work with museum staff in selecting works of art from the Addison’s collection for temporary viewing in the MLC. Working directly from superb examples of American art, visitors can explore, compare, arrange, discuss, research, study, and write in order to prompt understanding and criticality around culture, history, and the power of images in our world.

The MLC provides a window into the collecting and Curatorial Practice of the Addison as it offers visitors opportunities to directly experience the instructional and inspirational potential of selecting, sequencing, contextualizing, and presenting images and artworks.

For more information about Curriculum Connections in the MLC, click here.