Museum Learning Center Portfolios

Drawing from the museum’s nearly 23,000 paintings, photographs, sculpture, drawings, prints, works on paper, decorative arts, and media works, Permanent Collection Portfolio Guides a​re designed to familiarize educators wit​h the subjects, themes, artworks, and artists in the Addison collection, inspire layered connections with curricula and course topics, and foster probing and enlightening class discussions. Portfolio Guides are comprised of works selected around multidisciplinary themes accompanied by questions and information that suggest some of the multi-faceted discussions they can provoke.

Digital images of works from these Guides can be downloaded for use in classrooms. Click the images within each Portfolio Guide PDF to access digital images in the Addison’s online database.​

In addition to the works selected as examples for each Portfolio Guide, many more works from the collection are available for consideration for your class. Please contact us for assistance and suggestions.



Invisibility in Image and Text Portfolio Guide

MLC Invisibility in Image and Text Portfolio Image List

Visualizing Poetry Portfolio Guide

MLC Visualizing Poetry Portfolio Image List

Visualizing Music Portfolio Guide

MLC Visualizing Music Portfolio Image List

Civil Rights Movement Portfolio Guide

MLC Civil Rights Movement Portfolio Image List

Houses and Homes Portfolio Guide

MLC Houses and Homes Portfolio Image List

Visualizing Math Portfolio Guide

MLC Visualizing Math Portfolio Image List

Visualizing Science Portfolio Guide

MLC Visualizing Science Portfolio Image List

Race and Otherness Portfolio Guide

MLC Race and Otherness Portfolio Image List

The Immigrant Experience Portfolio Guide

MLC Immigrant Experience Portfolio Image List

Civil War Portfolio Guide

MLC Civil War Portfolio Image List

American Identity Portfolio Guide

MLC American Identity Portfolio Image List

The Great Depression Portfolio Guide

MLC Great Depression Portfolio Image List

Representing the Land Portfolio Guide

MLC Representing the Land Portfolio Image List

Images and the Media Portfolio Guide

MLC Images and the Media Portfolio Image List

Photographic Technologies Portfolio Guide

MLC Photographic Technologies Portfolio Image List

Global Interactions Portfolio Guide

MLC Global Interactions Portfolio Image List