Curatorial and Museum Practice as Education

How does context change the meaning of an image?

Museum curators are well aware that the context, size, medium, and composition of a museum object inform the way we interpret the subject and meaning of works of art. In the Museum Learning Center visitors have the opportunity to use the practices of museum curators to: select, investigate, classify, sequence, connect, research, develop theories and themes for, design displays around, and write about groups of objects.

When revealed and experienced, the structure and procedures of museums make visible the underlying logic of exhibitions and collecting institutions. The resulting knowledge and skills can help facilitate the teaching and learning of all classroom subjects, as well promote an appreciation for and points of access to cultural institutions of all types. Ultimately, teachers and students alike gain the capacity, creativity, and confidence to find and express their own ideas in unique ways.

To explore ways in which these ideas can be integrated into your museum visit and any classroom subject or project, explore the MLC Portfolio Guides or contact the education department.

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