Adult Groups

The Addison welcomes adult and community groups to engage with the Addison’s exhibitions and collections. Whether you select a brief introduction to the museum or a comprehensive tour of the galleries, education staff will work with you to customize your visit to provide background on the museum along with selected highlights or in-depth viewing of the exhibitions.

Please note: Your group is welcome to view the exhibitions on your own, but we require that groups of 10 or more contact the education department in advance to make a reservation.

While tours are free, individual and group donations are gladly accepted.

Arranging an Adult Group Visit

1. Explore the exhibitions pages or contact education staff to determine which exhibition(s) is/are of most interest for your group.
2. Select a few possible dates and times to visit the gallery, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-3pm. Introductory/orientation tours can be 15-20 minutes, while more exploratory tours can last up to 90 minutes, depending on the exhibition/s selected.
3. AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS IN ADVANCE and preferably more to assure a reservation, contact Christine Jee at or 978-749-4198.